The Happiness Recipe

There is something that all the people on the planet share and is the desire to be happy. Many times, we build an idea of ​​what happiness is based on what society, marketing or social networks show us. The truth is that being happy is different for each of us and achieving it implies a commitment to ourselves.

An interesting point to consider is that our culture reinforces the idea of ​​going in search of happiness involves letting go of problems, choosing only what makes you feel good and eliminating any discomfort. But... Do we really believe that something like this can be achieved permanently?

Believing that suffering should not be part of our lives can be a problem. Getting closer to being happy does not imply stopping suffering because suffering is part of everybody’s life. Believing that suffering is a ghost thay should be eliminated can also imply disconnecting ourselves of moments of joy.

When we convince ourselves that being happy is reduced to moments of well-being, we lose connection with the present moment, always longing for something in the future and so high that it seems impossible. Happiness is not reaching something perfect or ideal, but something possible and daily.

Another of the recipes that we hear everyday is: “think positive” as a possible solution to everything. I wish it was that simple! Unfortunately, our minds do not work like that. Wanting to control our negative thoughts to transform them into a positive thing hinders the process of seeking well-being. When we feel bad, it is logical that discomfort goes through us, and it is necessary to give it its place. Just as we can have more flexible thoughts when our mood feels better.

An interesting resource that scientific evidence offers us when it comes to wanting to approach well-being is to try to incorporate GRATITUDE. in our day to day. Beginning to appreciate what we have, instead of being constantly connected to what we lack, allows us to live more fully.

I'd like to invite you to thank for another day of life, for being able to walk, to talk or to see. As well as being grateful because the sun came out, thank for sharing a chat with a friend or a moment with your family. In the simple and everyday things we can find the real recipe for happiness.

Would you like to find happiness? Do you dare to practice gratitude? Tell me in the comments!

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