OnLifEm brings in a new life into the today’s digital therapy services.

Considering the current innovations required by the new era, we offer our clients the best technological service infrastructure. We always aim for more with our expert staff and competent team. In line with our values, we work meticulously on providing online therapy and protect your information and data.

Our Mission

We guide clients from different cultural backgrounds by respecting their differences in ideas, values ​​and attitudes. Our starting point is that the person leads himself and each individual needs a different therapy. We do this by mapping the psychological complaints, finding out what situation the client is in, where exactly the problems are, and we find a way to solve them together. We strive to work transparently and solution oriented. We professionally motivate individuals to achieve their goals, become independent and offer them safe and cost-effective mental healthcare.

Our Vision

We aim to help individuals improve their quality of life. We have a goal of contributing to the solution of personal and social problems by offering a person-oriented treatment to the individuals. We intend to guide everyone who wants to get a professional help, whenever and wherever they want. We will always try our best to make this system as accessible as possible.

Remember you are not alone. OnLifEm is with you!