Why Work with Us?


Easy access to the clients

Through your profile in our online therapy system, you can instantly start working with an easy process and reach many clients.

You do not deal with referrals and billing with the client. We handle all of it for you!


Flexible working days and hours

You’ll be the boss of your own business. You decide your own working hours and schedule. Without having to leave your full-time job, you can work in your free time or use this platform full-time.

You do your job in the comfort of your home without having to waste time going to the office, dealing with rents and avoid possible setbacks.


Increase your (additional) income

We collect payments from your clients before the session and deliver them to you on certain dates of the month, accompanied by a detailed document in bulk.

Even if you work in a mental healthcare centre, you can earn extra income through our online platform.


Secure & continuously self-improving platform

You’ll be providing services to the clients who may be afraid to receive face-to-face sessions or may want to receive sessions on private issues while protecting confidentiality.

How to Get Started

Submit your application

We will reach you by email

Complete the evaluation process

Three-stage assessment: General impression/ Content knowledge and language skills/ Institutional assessment

Complete your training

Receive training about how to use OnLifEm

Start booking clients

Create your profile and determine your suitable days and times

Choose File

Eg : Cv_Name_Surname.pdf