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Dr. Yassine Bourouais

Clinical Psychologist


Counseling - Support -Relaxation- CBT-EMDR Therapy
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With more than 12 years of experience in Mental Health wellbeing ; as clinical psychologist and as Teacher, too, I have worked with a wide range of people who have varied psychological, emotional and interpersonal difficulties. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist, I had a Ph. D in Clinical Psychology at Sophia Antipolis University of Nice, south of France. I was Lecturer and assistant professor and researcher at Grenoble University in France, I have a Diploma in Child and Adolescent psychopathology from Claude Bernard University, Lyon - France. I speak three language ARABIC-FRENCH and ENGLISH. I strongly believe everyone has the ability to navigate life’s struggles but sometimes they need a light to guide them through the darkness. As a psychologist, I had an independent office, licensed by the French Health ministry. My practice is oriented in child psychopathology and psycho-traumatic disorders. I’m using CBT and EMDR therapy, for this latter, I was trained by the French Institute of EMDR therapy, all the methods I use are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). My experience with child and adolescent with internalizing and externalizing disorders is very important. If I support all the family system, the assessment of the perception of the family relations is one of egress (solution). The approaches I use range from skills-based techniques based on current and future coping skills to building resilience, then to therapeutic orientations that explore a person's life course helping to understand how they have arrived where they are today and how to transform them and make them change for the better.



  • Counseling - Support -Relaxation- CBT-EMDR Therapy


  • Clinical Psychologist


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    EMDR Therapy

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