Highlights of Motivational Interviewing

  • 10 Nov 2022
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It is possible to change and improve your life, feelings and thoughts in a positive way with motivational interviewing. Because this way of meeting gives you motivation to make a positive behavior change.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing is a form of counseling designed to help people find the motivation to make positive behavior change.

What are Its Elements?

The key elements of motivational interviewing are as follows:

  • Supporting self-sufficiency
  • Working with resistor
  • Revealing the contradictions
  • Don't empathize
  • Avoiding Argument

What Does Motivational Interview Do?

Motivational interviewing is highly effective in the following situations:

  • Ensuring diabetes control
  • Proper diet
  • Prevention of obesity
  • Performing physical activity
  • Normalization of sexual behavior
  • Quitting smoking

What are Motivational Interviewing Techniques?

Motivational interview techniques are as follows:

Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are questions that cannot be answered with yes or no. These types of questions encourage you to think more deeply about a topic.


Motivational interviewing techniques are statements that recognize a person's strengths and acknowledge their positive behavior. With affirmation, it is ensured that the person is motivated.

Reflective Listening

Reflection is a technique that lets the client know that their therapist is listening and trying to understand their point of view. The person feels that the therapist understands him/herself and becomes much more comfortable.


Summaries are a special type of reflection. They show that the therapist is listening and understands what the client is saying.

What Benefits Does Motivational Interviewing Provide?

The benefits of motivational interview are as follows:

  • It builds a person's self-confidence.
  • It helps people take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  • Motivational Interviewing reduces the possibility of future recurrence.
  • It prepares people to be more open to treatment.
  • It shows people that they have the power to change their own lives.

How to Start a Motivational Interview?

In order to start a motivational interview, it is sufficient to find a therapist who is an expert on this subject and make an appointment with him. You can find the most suitable therapist among the therapists on our website and start your therapy right away.


What are the 5 Principles of Motivational Interviewing?

  • Empathy with Clients: Counselors or psychologists; demonstrate empathy when discussing behaviors, thoughts, and life events in which clients participate regularly. When empathy is shown, counselors can begin to build rapport and trust.
  • Support and Enhance Diversity: During the motivational interview, clients see counselors as a reason to change their behavior rather than as authority figures. Therefore, differences should be supported and developed.
  • Dealing with Resistance: Counselors should not face client resistance when clients resist changing their behavior. Counselors work with clients to see and examine different viewpoints, allowing clients to choose which viewpoints they want to stick to.
  • Support Self-Efficacy: People should be made to feel that they can achieve the change they want. This principle involves counselors discussing and pointing out previous behavioral and life achievements clients have experienced. In this way, people's belief that they can change is increased.
  • Developing Autonomy: Counselors show their clients that the real power to change comes from within, not from the counselor. This highlights the notion that there is no single way to achieve the change people want. In this way, the person will be more motivated for change.

What is the Main Purpose of Motivational Interviewing?

The main purpose of motivational interviewing; It enables people to believe that they can make the necessary changes to increase their standard of living and comfort. It aims to motivate him on a subject and, if necessary, to change his life in a positive way by addressing the subject from different aspects.

What Is the Most Frequently Used Technique During Motivational Interviewing?

The most commonly used technique in motivational interviewing is reflective listening. Because the client is much more willing and motivated when he feels that the counselor understands him.

How to Prepare for a Motivational Interview

There is nothing extra you need to do to prepare for the motivational interview. After you find the right consultant for you, you can start the meeting on the day and time you have determined.

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