The Psychologist

- Being a Psychologist is a very special profession that brings with it the privilege of touching other human lives and being able to be an element of transformation, helping others to overcome problematic situations and fostering personal growth. The Psychologist is a hand that reaches out to accompany you on a journey that is internal and personal; this presence allows you to go to places where you would not go alone, to look into abysses with courage or to glimpse the depth of the ocean that agitates in your mind; using the word as a tool, the Psychologist intervenes so that life can be born in internal places where there was only darkness; the Psychologist supports the process of becoming a better person and of learning to be fuller in your relationships; the Psychologist helps you to untie knots that you could not untie on your own, they are there with you while you lose our fear and supports you while dealing with the suffering that life brings sometimes.

- Psychology is the science that studies human behaviour and mental processes since 1879, aiming to benefit both the individual and society in general, through scientific methods of assessment and intervention which are used according to the theoretical approach and in accordance with the objectives to be achieved.

- Psychology application areas: Clinical and Health, Educational and Developmental, Social, Organisational, Sports, Criminal and Forensic.

- Focus: individual or group.

- Perspectives and approaches: Psychodynamic, Systemic, Cognitivist, Behaviourist, Humanistic, Holistic, etc.

- The Psychologist not only treats mental illness, but also intervenes in the following:





Decision processes


Emotional management

Conflict management

Parenting skills

Managing boundaries and rules

Time management

Study skills


Vocational exploration





Child development



- You don't mandatorily need to have mental illness to go to the Psychologist! Seeing a Psychologist is not "for crazy people" - this is stigma and prejudice. Anyone who wants to improve aspects of their functioning and lifestyle in order to perform better and optimise their personal and relational well-being can go see a Psychologist.

Being a Psychologist is a privilege.

Gratitude to all those who have embraced this profession and who persevere and do not give up day after day.

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