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Seyma Soykan

Clinical Psychologist

MindfulnessCognitive Behavioral TherapyPsychotherapyMentalization Based Treatment
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About Me

Seyma is a warm, highly empathetic and experienced therapist. She possesses a mixed cultural background and has lived in five different countries/ regions, and as a consequence is familiar in dealing with different cultures, religions, communities and customs. She is fluent in English, Dutch, and Turkish with knowledge of Arabic, French, and German. Seyma is specialized and trained in migrant traumas, social anxieties, addictive behaviors and personality disorders. She also works with people who experience negative feelings and behaviors as a result of phobias, mood disorders and other diagnosis in clinical psychology. This clinical psychologist is Dutch and Turkish and currently resides in Dubai. She finds serenity in accepting every single person and situation she runs into and is a big advocate for people with exceptional needs. Contact her for a non-committal conversation to introduce yourself and to discuss a potential treatment plan. She is there for you.


  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mentalization Based Treatment


  • Clinical Psychologist



  • 2017

    Arabic For Non Native Speakers Intermediate Level

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