NLP Therapy (Neuro Linguistic Programming): Uses and Techniques

  • 29 Nov 2022
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NLP is a powerful way to change your mind and life. Because it makes useless thoughts, behaviors and communication patterns out of your life. In this way, it helps to experience many positive changes in your life. You can change your life by starting to use neuro linguistic programming techniques today.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapy

NLP therapy; It aims to help develop one's self-awareness, confidence, communication skills and social actions. In this direction, it includes a range of language and sensory intervention and behavior modification techniques.

The aim of neuro linguistic programming therapy; It is to help a person understand that the way he sees the world affects his life and that he needs to change the thought and behavior patterns that were not helpful in the past.

What are the Goals of Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapy?

neuro linguistic programming therapy are as follows:

  • Reduce boredom
  • Better manage internal processes
  • Programming the mind for better habits
  • Healing wounds or trauma
  • Helping change perceptions
  • Improve communication or influence
  • Changing behaviors

What are NLP Application Areas?

NLP therapy are as follows:

  • Education and training: It can be used in areas such as getting rid of test anxiety and learning barriers, facilitating learning and teaching.
  • Healthy Life and Sports: It can be used in areas such as creating goals and motivation, increasing concentration, regulating nutritional habits.
  • Business life: It can be used in areas such as creating goals and success strategies, improving feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Personal development: It can be used in areas such as changing behavior and habits, acquiring new behaviors, anger, emotion and excitement control.
  • Psychotherapy: It can be used in areas such as social fears, panic attacks, stress and anger control, and nutritional disorders.

What are the Benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming?

NLP therapy are as follows:

  • It helps you reach your goals.
  • It helps to change your worldview for the better.
  • NLP improves physical and mental well-being.
  • It improves your relationships.
  • It makes it possible to influence others.
  • NLP increases self-awareness.

How NLP Works

NLP; It helps clients understand their own minds, how they think and how they act. Accordingly, it helps people see the ways in which they have been successful in the past and determine how they can most easily replicate this success in other areas of their lives.

NLP therapists believe that the answers to their clients' problems lie within themselves. So they just help them find these answers.

What are Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques?

Neuro linguistic programming techniques are as follows:

Relationship Building

Relationship building techniques help you connect with people more naturally. It basically emphasizes the importance of synchronizing your communication style with that of the other person in order to develop trust.

The key elements of the relationship building technique are as follows:

  • To be unbiased
  • To keep up with and adapt to one's expressions
  • Clarifying where you stand
  • Backtracking
  • Active listening

Six-Step Reframing

Reframing refers to reevaluating your beliefs and thoughts. This way you can look at them from different angles. The reframing technique is a great tool for establishing a better connection within yourself and for a more rational approach to something happening in your life.


Neuro linguistic programming techniques, is the process of recreating one's way of being to enrich your own model of the world. So, you can model someone else's excellence, behavior, mindset, and belief system.

Meta Model

It means asking questions about your shared beliefs and how you view reality. It is based on the assumption that it uses thought filters that make you view other people, yourself, and events more negatively than they really are. Therefore, it aims to remove these thought filters.


This method of communication emphasizes the importance of both verbal and nonverbal cues.

Meta Location

He states that by using the meta position you can gain a better approach to a situation at the end of consciously and also safely diverging.

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